Delete Rejected Images


Is there a way to delete images marked as ‘Rejected’ in cryoSPARC Live or at least export a list of the image paths so a script can be written to delete that “bad” data?


Yes - see here - a little bit of a PITA but works:

Thanks @olibclarke. I’ll use this to add to our workflows.

@olibclarke in the new V3.2 UI for cryoSPARC Live where is the export options? I don’t see them anymore and I’m guessing it’s a section on the left nav I’m missing somewhere.

I actually run it from the matching workspace in “normal” cryoSPARC - there is a job type called “Cryosparc Live Exposure Export”, and then proceed as per the linked post

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Hi @hansenbry,

The export buttons are available in the new UI within the ‘Details’ tab:

We also have a comprehensive overview of the new Live interface on the cryoSPARC Guide:

- Suhail