Delete extracted particles from cryosparc live?


I realized that if I extract in live I can not really delete the extracted particles in the gui can I? We use to delete larger extracted particle stacks once we reextract after 2D cleaning. is there a way in the gui to do so?



An admin - and only an admin - can delete particles via the data management tab in the live UI. We’ve been having issues with users not downsampling their live particles, and generating huge stacks that fill up the filesystem. It would be great if regular users could also delete from their own projects!

It would also be very nice to be able to completely disable particle extraction - on the fly motion correction and CTF estimation are the most useful components and I would skip live extraction and 2D for known-good samples.

In the meantime, if you are not a CS admin but have write access to the files, you can find all the particle blob directories and delete them manually:
find /project/parent -path '*/extract/blob' -type d -delete
find /project/parent -path '*/extract/blob' -type d -exec rm {}/* \; (or with + if you don’t want it to fork, e.g. non-parallel filesystem).

Highly recommend piping find output to a file first to make sure it will be safe. Especially with -delete, find evaluation order can be tricky.

I’ve been able to get around this by using the blob-picker and just setting the particle size/ NCC/ max-min thresholds to absurd numbers that guarantee 0 particle picks. It works but isn’t ideal.

A cryoSPARC admin-level user can (en)Able to modify specific non-admin users in the Live Data Management field for that user.


Oh, didn’t notice that! Thanks!

@kpahil thanks for the tip. You just have to make sure the picking succeeds correctly, and then threshold the particles to 0, or else the CTFs won’t be displayed.