Defocus refinement/Global CTF Refinement/Ewald sphere correction sliders not visible

Cryosparc version: V3.3.1+220215
Standalone version

3D Refinement>Homogenous Refinement

I can’t see any of the sliders for the Defocus refinement/Global CTF Refinement/Ewald sphere jobs. The tabs are there but no slider is visible to turn them on. I’ve done exactly same install on a similar workstation and it works fine with the sliders visible. The homogenous refinement job runs fine with no error but does not carry out those optional parts of the job.

I’ve attempted a fresh install but that did not fix it. Hopefully I’ve just missed something very obvious!

Probably you don’t have the advanced features enabled? There is a little unlabeled slider in the upper right corner underneath the job builder - is that the issue?


Ha! Thanks. I’d have never found that in a million years.

I have no idea why this slider is not labeled - it has tripped up myself and many others over the years