Datasets created by another user don't appear

Something odd has been going on with our datasets. The admin has created and been working on a dataset. I log in, go to the project, hit the ‘Group’ icon, and the project shows up. I then go to datasets, click on the ‘Group’ icon and… nothing. I can’t see anything in datasets or in experiments. I CAN see individual jobs in the queue, but I cannot run my own jobs off the dataset because I can’t select it.

To add more oddness, if I create an empty dataset and then click the ‘Group’ icon, I can then see my colleague’s dataset and select it. But when I go to Experiments it is still empty…

Hi, just to confirm, are you using cryoSPARC v0 or v2?

- Suhail

cryosparc v0, sorry should have clarified!


I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue you’re facing. On an admin account, the group icon will toggle between displaying all data and just the data created by the logged in user. It’s possible to also view the entire list of experiments if a dataset isn’t selected. Are you able to see any jobs in this case?

- Suhail

I do not see any jobs in Experiments, whether the dataset is selected or not :frowning:

I have the same issue with v0 - as an admin, I can see all experiments, but my student can only see jobs that he has run from datasets he has created. Strangely, he can still see jobs from the invisible experiments in the job queue, and access them that way, but they don’t show up in the datasets or experiments tabs


Yes, Oli, that perfectly describes our situation. I thought it was a permissions issue (either unix or cryosparc permissions) but I think we’ve rules those out.

Hi Austin & Oli,

Thanks for the details - we’ll look into this soon (the team is quite swamped at the moment working on cryoSPARC v2). I will post an update when we have resolved this!

- Suhail