Database migration notifications


I have a cryoSPARC2 instance running v2.11 and it seems that every time I restart cryosparcm I receive a ‘Database Migration: Exporting all projects in cryoSPARC’ notification. I’m attaching a screenshot of the notifications.

The 10 minute old notification is when the program restart after I rebooted the machine and the next two were because I ran ‘cryosparcm restart’

It appears that when cryoSPARC restart it generates that notification even though it is not actually doing any Database migration.

Hi @clil16,

Every time cryoSPARC turns on, it checks if there are any unexported jobs in the database- if there are, it executes the migration on those jobs. If there aren’t, it skips it. Either way, the migration function is still called. The notification is generated since the function is called, and the notification is “completed” when the function is done (indicated by the green progress bar and checkmark next to the status).