Database crash, WiredTiger error, WT_PANIC

I’ve had the following happen on at least two different instances:

2021-10-11T15:18:40.513-0500 E **STORAGE** [thread2] WiredTiger error (17) [1633983520:511594][49780:0x7f1555889700], file:WiredTiger.wt, WT_SESSION.checkpoint: /home/mqayyum/software/cryosparc2_cluster/cryosparc_master/cryosparc2_database/WiredTiger.turtle.set: handle-open: open: File exists

2021-10-11T15:18:40.515-0500 E **STORAGE** [thread2] WiredTiger error (17) [1633983520:515425][49780:0x7f1555889700], checkpoint-server: checkpoint server error: File exists

2021-10-11T15:18:40.516-0500 E **STORAGE** [thread2] WiredTiger error (-31804) [1633983520:515455][49780:0x7f1555889700], checkpoint-server: the process must exit and restart: WT_PANIC: WiredTiger library panic

On this VM there are multiple user accounts running individual instances of CryoSPARC. At least two of these instances have run into this issue within the last two days, but at different times. Please let me know what logs or info you may need. Everything is being run from an NFS mount point.