Data processing tutorial

Hi all, for anyone interested, here is tutorial I ran recently on processing heterogeneous data. It includes links to source data - I tried to make a lightweight dataset that won’t take up too much valuable GPU space :smile:

Hope it’s helpful - feedback/suggestions welcome!



This is great, @olibclarke, thank you for sharing!
We would love to link this from the CryoSPARC Guide if you’re alright with it - I will be in touch via DM.


Thanks for the document.

I can truly recomend this - It is a great tutorial.
Oliver ran it at our CryoNET course and the students loved it.

Finally a “real life” scenario where particle picking etc. is not straightforward, with lots of things to investigate and yet still so lightweight a dataset that it can be done in an afternoon.

Great job Oliver!



I attended the workshop and can confirm it is a very good case study! Unlike the typical introductory tutorials (like beta-gal) that work with almost not user input, this one will challenge you.


Thanks for sharing this. More such data processing workflows are much needed for beginners. Does anyone have an idea of where I can get such data processing workflows in more detail? I am working on Hexameric protein and I don’t know the exact workflow to get the final structure. I appreciate any suggestions.

Indeed super helpful! I never knew about the ac eo invert function for the volume eraser sphere.