Custom variables for cluster script submission; pre-defined options


Thank you for implementing custom variables for cluster script submission. The added flexibility is much appreciated.

One way we plan to use it is to tack on additional submission options on-the-fly, e.g. adding --constraint or --qos parameters, in order to streamline our cluster lanes. To that end, it would be helpful if we had the ability to configure custom variables with pre-defined values selectable in a drop-down.

For instance, {{ constraint }}, with a set value of <whitespace>, may be assigned possible value options of --constraint=GTX or --constraint=RTX in the Admin panel and attached to the end of an existing header line, e.g. #SBATCH --mem={{ ram_gb }} {{ constraint }}. Having a few pre-defined options, acting like a toggle, would limit user error during manual input.

EDIT: Never mind. Actually, I think the existing variable substitution behaviour allows us to implement something similar with if...else stanzas instead.