Curate Exposures

Hi I would like to use the curate exposures using particles from a spesific class after an abinition job. I can drag the particles into the job but I can’t start. Do I something wrong?
Cheers Michael

Hi @mszczepek,
You will need to connect the micrographs from which your particles were extracted, as well. You can connect the motion-corrected, CTF-estimated micrographs from upstream, e.g., the output of a Patch CTF job. Then you will be able to queue the job.

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Great thank you, it worked perfectly!

I’m running manual curate exposure for rejecting bad images, but the page seems dead, I can’t accept selections and also done button. The total images of this job are about 18K. I tested the same job in another project, which has 8K images, everything is normal. I’m wondering if this happens because of the large number of images will slow or dead the curate exposure job?

Yes, Curate Exposures becomes unusable with large numbers of images. I believe there is an update in the works to address this, but in the meantime your best bet is to split the dataset into multiple exposure groups and curate each individually, then combine the outputs for further processing.


Hi Oli,
Thank you for your reply. Very helpful!! I’m wondering how to do the data split? what’s the job name?


Hi Chuchu, you want to use the Exposure Sets job type, setting it to split the data into however many batches you want (or into batches of a certain size)