Cuda path (location)

Dear CryoSparc Colleagues,

I am in the process of installing CryoSparc on my laptop. I would like to install and run it from my 2TB external hard drive, but I’m not sure if I can do that. So, for simplicity, I will install it locally on my Mac at this time.

The path to instillation was followed, up to the installation command that includes the CUDA path. Therefore, after I “cd cryosparc2_worker”, I did not proceed to the next command, which is “./ --license $LICENSE_ID --cudapath…;”, because I don’t see where the cuda has been installed in /usr/local/cuda.

My question is, what is cuda, and how can I get cuda in the proper location: /usr/local/cuda , in order to continue with the installation.



Thank you for your interest in cryoSPARC! You can find out more information about CUDA here. Please also take a look at our install reference, which lists the prerequisites for installing cryoSPARC here:
Please note you will need at least one NVIDIA GPU in order to run most of the jobs in cryoSPARC.

Thanks for that information.