Cuda error insufficient driver

I just installed cryosparc on the same machine I run relion. I got “cuda error insufficient driver” during 2D classification and followed the earlier thread to update the cuda driver to 10.1. However, I received the error in the attached image following this update. Any ideas? The machine in question has 4 Geforce GTX 1080 Ti GPUs.

Hi @satchal,

Can you copy+paste the output of nvidia-smi & cryosparcm status?

Hi @stephan I think I resolved the issue this morning. While I upgraded my Cuda drive to 10.1, my nvidia driver was an older version that was incompatible with this newer Cuda. Once I upgraded the nvidia driver, rebooted the computer, and restarted cryosparc, that seemed to take care of the problem. My jobs are running fine now. Thank you for getting back to me!