CUDA and IMOD incompatibility


My PI has downloaded IMOD 4.11, we however have CUDA 11 and looks like these two are not compatible. Has anyone faced similar problem? Is there a work around to solve this? Also is there another version of IMOD 4.11 that can work with CUDA 11?

Thank you so much!
Madhura N Paranjpe

Might be better to ask about IMOD on an IMOD forum.

That said, we run CUDA 11.8 and 12.4 simultaneously on our systems (with 12.4 set as system default, adjusting to 11.8 for things that don’t support 12) and IMOD is installed and running. Getting GPU acceleration working took a couple of tweaks, I’ll look them up ASAP, unless someone else jumps in with it in the meantime.

Hi @rbs_sci , I see thanks so much for your reply! Did you get a chance to look up the working tweaks? I’ll in the meantime ask this question on an IMOD forum. Do you have a link to any forum in particular? Perhaps one that helped you ?


My colleagues system is running CUDA 11.8 (in $PATH, $LD_LIBRARY_PATH) with driver 545.23.08 with RTX A5000 GPUs and to see GPU usage we just needed to “Enable graphics processing” in the eTomo Settings dialogue.

That only enables one GPU, though. The IMOD guide might be of use if wanting to use more than one:

Thank you! I hope this helps :slight_smile: