CUDA 12.0+ Support


Is there a timeline to add CUDA 12 support to cryoSPARC?

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your question @clil16. May I ask what motivated you to ask it?
As of v4.4, CryoSPARC bundles CUDA toolkit dependencies, currently version 11.8. I believe this toolkit version is compatible with newer versions of the nvidia driver, including driver versions that correspond to CUDA version 12.

Thank you for the reply and my apologies for the delay in responding.

I was looking at the product brief for the L40 (Product Brief PDF) and L40S (Product Brief PDF) GPUs and noticed it said they required CUDA 12.0 and CUDA 12.2 respectively.

I subsequently asked on an NVIDIA forum about it and the response I received was that this requirement was for the driver level CUDA API (the GPUs each had a minimum driver version they required).

Basically I misunderstood the requirements of these newer cards thinking they could only be used with CUDA 12.0+ or CUDA 12.2+ but I was still curious to know.

@clil16 We’re fairly confident that CryoSPARC using CUDA 11.8 will work on the newer GPU models. Please try it out and let us know.