CSLive help with config for multiple lanes

We have a central cluster of 4 nodes and 2 stand alone nodes for on-the-fly processing (3 partitions - main, microscope 1, microscope 2). All nodes are running SLURM version 20.02.5. Main nodes are on one network, and the other 2 are on a separate network (but accessible by ssh without log in). CSLive sees the 3 lanes, however, it can only launch jobs on the main cluster. Trying to submit to either of the on-the-fly nodes results in jobs starting but no output being created (also no errors). Perhaps it is something to do with the config of our cluster_info.json file? Could anyone provide an example config of their json file with multiple lanes?
Thank you

Hi @andreym

I have each lane defined in a different folder (software/lanes) and added then separated.
For example:

~/software/lanes/lane1 $ > cryosparcm cluster connect
~/software/lanes/lane2 $ > cryosparcm cluster connect

The only thing I changed was "“name”: “Microscope_XX”.
Also I have assign each lane to a SLURM partition on the cluster_script.sh (but I think it’s not needed)


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