CS refusing connection after abrupt system crash


My server crashed while running CS due to no space left in HDD. Now after resolving the space issue when I try to cryosparcm restart it is showing me the following error:

[user@c101030 Processed]$ cryosparcm restart

CryoSPARC is running.

Stopping cryoSPARC

unix:///tmp/cryosparc-supervisor-1db4f448784d44c8de5c70ed8e671c89.sock refused connection

Please help me out regarding how to resume CS without corrupting the database.
Thank you.

Hi @diffracteD,

Have a look at this post and it should help you.

Hello @diffracteD,

Try stopping cryosparc and removing this file:

Sometimes cryosparc crashes and doesn’t start again because of the “socks”.
You may need to be “root” or “sudo” to remove the sock.
Let us know if it worked!

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Thank you so much @jucastil. Worked like a charm.
I normally stay worried about deleting these kind of files as I have managed to screw up the database a lot of times earlier.

Thanks again.