Cs.lock doesn't block other instance from attaching project

We have a small server dedicated to running Live at the scope, and a larger processing cluster for everything else. Both see the same storage server, but since the introduction of cs.lock files and the ability to detach/attach projects, we haven’t been too worried about the two cryosparc instances fighting over the same projects.

However, we don’t see the cs.lock file actually blocking another instance from attaching currently (both instances are on 4.3.0). Instead, if someone tries to attach a project while Live is still running, cs.lock is simply overwritting with the new instance’s info, leaving the project in a non-funcioning state.
We’ve been able to restore it to the original instance by copying back the correct info in the cs.lock file (from any other non-corrupted project).

I’m pretty sure the lock files were working as intended in earlier 4.x versions, but I can’t say when it might have stopped. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and perhaps found a fix?

Thanks @boggild for reporting this bug. We are working on a fix.