CS can't recognize CPUs and GPUs

I had a database Spawn error in CS. Repair didn’t work.
So, I backed up the database and removed all entries in cryosparc_database directory.
Then I restarted the CS and created all the users I need.
Upon restart CS opened fine. However, when I try to run a new job CS is not being able to recognize CPUs and GPUs on the workstation.
Am I missing something here ?
Please help me out.

@diffracteD it sounds like you just need to reconnect your worker module. This happens automatically on install but since you cleared your database this may not have happened.

Here’s instructions for how to do that: https://guide.cryosparc.com/setup-configuration-and-management/how-to-download-install-and-configure/downloading-and-installing-cryosparc#connecting-a-worker-node-or-cluster-workload-manager

Thank you for your response.
I had to reinstall it anyway, since I could not make it work in time.