Cryosparcw patch issue / remove worker

I’ve been trying to apply the patch for Cryosparc v2.15 due to GPU memory issues, but have run into an issue while trying to patch worker nodes.

I have started the patch using cryosparcm patch as below (added --force since I’ve tried this a few times).

[cryosparc_user@naan bin]$ ./cryosparcm patch --force
Install patch? (y/n): y
Downloading cryosparc2_master_patch.tar.gz…
Downloading cryosparc2_worker_patch.tar.gz…
Patching master…
Gathering worker info…
Warning: Unable to find ip address of worker c109792. Node may be offline.
Patch 2 workers? (y/n): y
Patching workers…
All workers:
c109792 cryosparc_user@c109792
Updating worker c109792: Remote update
scp cryosparc2_worker_patch.tar.gz cryosparc_user@c109792:/home/cryosparc_user/software/cryosparc/cryosparc2_worker/cryosparc2_worker_patch.tar.gz
ssh: Could not resolve hostname c109792: Name or service not known
lost connection
Failed to update c109792! Skipping…
Updating worker Remote update
scp cryosparc2_worker_patch.tar.gz

My questions are:
1) I have no idea what password this is asking for since cryosparc_user password doesn’t work?

2) How can I remove the c109792 worker node, which is the default lane currently? The computer hostname changed and I successfully added the new lane for the correct hostname, but I’d like to remove this one.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I was able to solve the first issue by running:

cryosparcm --download --force

And copying the worker patch into the cryosparc2_worker directory and then running:

cryosparcw patch

It’d be great if someone could still help me answer the 2nd question of removing the default lane and assigning the new worker as the default.

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Hi @nschnick, you can remove that worker node from the scheduler with this command:

cryosparcm cli 'remove_scheduler_target_node("c109792")'

Thanks @nfrasser, that does remove the worker node. I had tried a very similar syntax from an old post but I think I had my quotes messed up.

Now the ‘default’ lane is empty, is there a command to make the ‘default’ lane or do I need to delete it and add it again?

Thanks again!

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