Cryosparcm restore - feature request

I ram into an issue when trying to move the crysparc master installation from one computer to another. The database was backed and copied to a non-shared drive on the new machine, I installed the master, then ran into an error when trying to restore from the backup. The restore failed but it left empty junk in the database directory.

The problem turned out to be that I did not create the user account when installing the new master.

To resolve this, I had to clear the empty files in the database directory, create the user with the command line tool, then restore the database again. It was not clear from the errors I was receiving that the issue was no initial user had been created and I was unable to start cryosparc to use the web gui.

It would be helpful to include an option for checking/copying the user accounts as an initial step of cryosparcm restore.

Please can you describe the circumstances of and observations during/after the failure.
Did you follow instructions in the guide?
Were all CryoSPARC services stopped
(cryosparcm stop + confirmation with ps command)?
Did the database directory exist and was it empty at the time of the restoration attempt?

Cryosparc is installed on both computers in the local home directory. I installed the master on the new machine (previously a worker only) and transferred a backup of the database to this directory. I followed the instructions you mentioned for cryosparcm restore.

The first attempt to restore failed with a bunch of errors (I did not save these, but it was something to do with the database log does not exist). The empty database directory was created before running the restore command.

At this point cryosparc master was installed and I could start cryosparc successfully but the GUI was not accessible. I realized this might have to do with no initial user being created during the new master installation.

I then created a user with the same username as before and ran into an error that restoring from backup could not complete because the database directory was not empty. The directory had file and folder names but those were empty.

After a rm -rf cleaning of the database directory, cryosparcm restore completed successfully.

I noticed this morning, once I was able to access the GUI, the user configuration was in fact restored from the backup.

Unfortunately, I’m now facing a new problems that will need more troubleshooting before I know what’s going on. (The GUI is actually only partially functional. I can’t create jobs and it can only be accessed on the local machine)

Update: All is working now. Ports 39001-39006 were open on the worker and there was a problem with the ssh key.

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