Cryosparc2_worker renamed?

I noticed that a fresh install expanded into the folders cryosparc_master and cryosparc_worker rather than the older cryosparc2_* directories. This makes some sense for future-proofing cryosparc, but it introduced some bugs for us with the transition where scripts expected the old path.

  1. Will all future versions expect the new (no-version) names?
  2. Where does cryosparc need to know about the correct path? Does the database need to be changed? The variables I’m aware of are:
    1. CRYOSPARC_DB_PATH (not relevent for me since I keep this outside the install directories)
    2. worker_bin_path in cluster_info.json for each compute lane
  3. Should these paths be changed in older installations? Currently it is easy to accidentally create cryosparc_worker yet continue using an outdatedd cryosparc2_worker.

Hi @sbliven, the first thing to note is that this folder rename is unique to fresh installations that want to re-use an older database. Regular updates will never require manual renames. With that in mind, here’s the answer to each question:

  1. Yes, all future versions of cryoSPARC will not include version names but we may still change the folder names in other ways for new installations (e.g., renaming cryosparc_master to something else)
  2. For fresh installations reusing old database, yes, you will have to re-add each scheduler lane with the correct path. You may do this by re-running cryosparcm cluster connect or cryosparcw connect with the --update flag for workstations or master/worker setups
    • There is no need to change CRYOSPARC_DB_PATH unless you’re manually changing the name of the database folder, which I do not recommend
    • Yes worker_bin_path will also have to change, make the necessary changes in cluster_info.json and reconnect the cluster with cryosparcm cluster connect
  3. There is no need to change the paths for older installations. The folder name does not matter after cryoSPARC is fully installed. If you’re doing frequent re-installs and need to ensure a consistent folder name, you may even include mv cryosparc_worker cryosparc2_worker in your installation steps following the tar extraction step

Hope that helps,


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