Cryosparc_worker vs. cryosparc2_worker

I’m setting up a new cryosparc standalone instance. When I untar the latest cryosparc_worker.tar.gz, I now get both a cryosparc_worker folder and a cryosparc2_worker folder. Which of these is the correct one to use as per the standalone installation instructions found here?

Hi @pgoetz, you should use the cryosparc_worker. The cryosparc2_worker is a remnant of a migration that we had done some time ago from cryoSPARC v2 to v3 which is the current version. Old installations have the cryosparc2_worker directory and so we maintain this empty folder with version file for backwards compatibility in case a user downgrades for some reason from v3 back to v2.

Thank you! It might be worth it to say a few syllables about this in the installation documentation.

@pgoetz, we will do!