cryoSPARC v3 and topaz version 2.5.0a


after upgrading to version 3.0.1 I get the following error message when I use ‘Topaz Train’ (I have run ‘Topaz Train’ successfully using an older version of cryoSPARC with the same path to the Topaz executable).

AssertionError: Cannot determine topaz version, command “/programs/x86_64-linux/system/sbgrid_bin/topaz --version” did not produce valid output: “0.2.5a”

When I run the command ‘/programs/x86_64-linux/system/sbgrid_bin/topaz --version’ in the terminal I get: “TOPAZ 0.2.5a”

Any suggestions on why I get this error message?

Thank you.

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Hi Sabine,

The error is from Cryosparc doing a Topaz version check because Cryosparc has not added Topaz v0.2.5a as a valid Topaz version. Hopefully the Cryosparc team will add it. In the meantime, downgrade your Topaz to v0.2.4 to use it in Cryosparc.


Hi Alex,

thank you for the fast reply. ‘Topaz Train’ is running fine with v0.2.4.

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Hi @alexjamesnoble,

Have there been any API/command line interface changes between 0.2.4 and 0.2.5a ?
We should be able to do this easily if the interface is the same.


There are a few new options, but no changes to the existing API.


FYI this version of Topaz is now supported in the latest cryoSPARC v3.1