Cryosparc V2 remove lane


how can I remove a lane from a master worker installation ?



Hi @fbeck,

You can run the following command from the master node’s shell:

cryosparcm cli "remove_scheduler_lane('lane_name')"

Where lane_name is the name of the lane you want to remove. Please note that this command will remove any target nodes that exist within the lane.

See the API reference in our new guide:

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@stephan the command you indicate for V2, will just remove unwanted lanes from this list (see picture below), or can dangerously also do something else ? Many thanks for your help

Hi @marino-j,

The cryosparcm cli "remove_scheduler_lane('<lane_name>')" command removes both the reference of the lane from cryosparc as well as references to any target nodes specified in that node.

After running this command on any of the lanes above the lane will be de-referenced. To add it back into the system you can go to the individual targets and run cryosparcw connect (guide) again to re-establish the connections with the master node on the specified lane.

Let me know if you have any more questions!