cryoSPARC v2 master installation error: invalid syntax near "print hash()"

Quick question - having an error with v2 install.

During initial cryosparc2_master install

/ --license $LICENSE_ID --xxxxx

getting the following errors:

Installing all dependencies.

File “”, line 1
print hash(’/mnt/scratch/cryosparc2/cryosparc2_master’);
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
./ line 211: cryosparcm: command not found

please advise


Is it possible if you can paste all output (and your inputs) created when running the installer? Please sanitize your response of any personal information.


it was just a syntax error fixed now

root_dir_hash=$(python -c “print(hash(’$CRYOSPARC_ROOT_DIR’));”)

Glad you found a solution!

This is due to the fact that in our installation scripts, before we “install” python 2.7, we call a few python functions without taking into account that users might have different versions of python installed on their system, causing things like print() to break. We are working on a bug fix to remove python as a dependency for installation all together. Thanks for pointing this out to us!


New problem: The web app is not working. By that I mean, i don’t see an interface like I did with version 1. This time it opens a blank page with the cryosparc icon.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Installed cryosparc2 after fixing the syntax error in the python line.
  2. started the server with “cryosparcm start”
  3. I am using the server on the localhost and not over the network.
  4. Created a new user
  5. connected a worker with “bin/cryosparcw connect --worker worker --master localhost --ssdpath /scratch”

Then I loaded “localhost:39000” and did not see a web server like I did with the previous version.

Upon inspection of the webserver directory, I found that “cryosparc/cryosparc-webapp/bundle/programs/web.browser/app/” in version 1 had a bunch of gifs and png files that were missing from an equivalent location in version 2 (cryosparc2/cryosparc2_master/cryosparc2_webapp/bundle/programs/web.browser/app/"

I tried npm install from within the cryosparc2_webapp/bundle/programs/server but that didn’t seem to help.

Please advise

Is it possible if you can post this question in a separate thread with all system info?