Cryosparc update and continuing to work in a workspace


So we just updated our Cryosparc to version 4.4.1. I am currently trying to continue working in a workspace created in the previous Cryosparc version. However, when I try to create a job with the builder it says “Unable to create job: ServerError: Error: new job directory not writable”.

I can create a new project and workspace. The builder works fine there. But it does not allow me to continue work in my previous workspace.

Could I please get assistance with this?

Thank you,

Welcome to the forum @Rosheny .

Please can you post the output of the following commands, substituting the actual absolute path to the project directory into the quotes of the first command:

mount | grep $(df $CS_PROJECT_DIR | tail -n 1 | awk '{print $NF}')

Inside the same shell, please check whether a new project directory has already been created:

ls -rtl ${CS_PROJECT_DIR}/

If the new job directory has been created, please post the output of the following command, substituting the actual directory name for J99:

getfacl ${CS_PROJECT_DIR}/J99