CryoSPARC Tools: Set job description

Dear all,

Is there a way to manipulate the job description and/or the job label using cryoSparc tools?
I use external classification/clustering algorithms and I end up with dozens of particle stacks that I want to refine subsequeuntly in CS. I wrote a script to automatically import and refine these stacks. However, to keep track on what is happening, I would like to modify the job descrption (as you can do in the GUI under the job details tab) and/or set the label.
Is there a corresponding command in cryoSPARC tools?


@DerLorenz The job description, unfortunately, cannot currently be manipulated using cryosparc-tools. We noted this down as a feature suggestion.

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Hi @DerLorenz,
You can adjust the title of a job, which than pops up in the front end.

        ### create job w/o connections
        job_instance = self.workspace.create_job(
            job_type, title="Title of choice", params=parameters


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@fkrupp That is exactly what I was looking for and does the trick.
Thanks much!

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