CryoSPARC on RTX 4090 workstation : Is RTX 4090 supported by the current version of CryoSPARC?

Hi all,
I am going to build an RTX 4090 and AMD Threadripper based workstation/server for running CryoSPARC and/or Relion. I am going to hook four RTX 4090s into this planned workstation and couple it with 512 GB of RAM and a 24 core/48 thread Threadripper CPU along with 8TB of SSDs and several TBs of hard disk.

I have three specific questions:
(1) Does current version of CryoSPARC support RTX 4090, particularly with respect to CUDA 11.8?
(2) Since RTX 4090 is a three-slot GPU, I will be hooking it to PCI slot using PCI-E riser cable in order to accommodate four of these into the same motherboard. Does anyone know if riser cable affects the performance of the GPU compared to when the GPU is directly sitting into the PCI-E slot?
(3) Is there any benchmark data for CryoSPARC performance on RTX 4090 vs RTX 3090?

I greatly appreciate any help in this matter.


We received reports of and were able to reproduce performance problems on CryoSPARC instances configured with CUDA toolkit version 11.8. We are working on a resolution.

@wtempel Thank a lot for your reply. I am looking forward to the CUDA 11.8 related issue to be resolved soon.