Cryosparc live not started after update to v3.3

Hi all,
We just updated to the latest cryosparc v3.3 and we found that the liveapp is not started after the updated. I wonder what could be the problem. Please let me know if any additional information that I could provide.


Hi @wxh180,

The legacy cryoSPARC application (liveapp) is still there, it’s just not turned on by default when you run cryosparcm start as of v3.3. You should still be able to start it by running cryosparcm start liveapp. The legacy cryoSPARC application is due to be deprecated in a future cryoSPARC release- is there a reason you’re using it over app (the new, default cryoSPARC Live application hosted on base port + 6)?

Thanks, @stephan! That works.

Actually, I’d like to use app. But when I connected to it via Chrome, it seems to cause the app to restart and shows no connection in the browser. This problem occurred some time ago during v3.2. Since the legacy version still works, I have been switching back to legacy for a while to work around. But it will be good to figure out what the problem is. Please let me know what information I should provide to debug the connection to app. Thanks!