cryoSPARC Live doesn't work on remote browser

I have problem running cryoSPARC version: v2.13.3-live_privatebeta
on a work station running centos7
The Chrome browser recognizes httplocal:39000 and local:39006
but the remote browser only works with XXXXX:39000 but could not find
The response is : This site cannot be reached
xxxxx refused to connect.
Search google for xxxxx:39006

If it’s set up as a web server then you may need to open port 39006 on the cryosparc live workstation (eg Alternatively can just ssh forward port 39006 with “ssh -N -L localhost:39006:localhost:39006” where is your live workstation (or the name set up in an ssh config file), the just open with localhost:39006 in browser.

Hi @Ricky,

Please see “Accessing the cryoSPARC UI Remotely via SSH-Tunneling”:

Thank you @liamworrall and @stephan,

The Live remote access issue is solved.
The Installation doc link is particularly helpful because I am about to setup a new instance in AWS Cloud.