CryoSPARC Live: Directory to watch does not show Mapped Network Drive

Hi CryoSPARC team,

When setting up the “directory to watch” during CryoSPARC Live, I notice the shared network drive (on the Microscopy SPC) cannot be located.

I have no problem accessing the shared folder content using a regular terminal. And I can get the path name by pwd. (/run/user/1000/gvfs/,share=offloaddata)

However, by typing the above path in the directory to watch box, I did not see any content. If I go back couple directory, it ends up at gvfs level.

Since I do not have any issue connecting to other local drives, I assume the problem is largely due to the network drive. Do you have any suggestion or command that I can try to solve this issue?

Many thanks,

Just want to add a update here. The problem gets solved by using the “mount” command to remount the drive onto the /mnt/shareddata. When using smb:// to connect to the share drive, watching directory just cannot access it, maybe that’s not the correct way to accessing the remote share drive.


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