Cryosparc job error on GPU workstation with A100

Dear cryosparc team,
We just installed the latest cryosparc on a new workstation with A100 card. Jobs with CPU were working well, but not for these requiring GPU. Here I attached an error report for debug:
[link deleted]
Could you let us know how to fix this issue? Thanks!

@wtempel my link for job error report files was deleted. Why?

I removed the link because I was not sure about your intent to share these data with the forum.
The data you provided suggests that you experience a problem similar to the the one discussed under Error running homogeneous refinement in v4.0.1. We are working on a fix.

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The CryoSPARC v4.0.1+221017 patch includes a fix for this problem. Before installing the fix, please undo the links that you may have configured as a workaround.