Cryosparc is running normally, but the database status is FATAL

I am working on Cryosparc v3.2.0. I am running jobs as usual but when I checked cryosparc status This message appeared:
Then I checked the cryosparc running processes as one forum topic suggested and found this (many old processes still running):

I didn’t kill anything and just typed cryosparc start which gave me this message:
Then I type again cryosparc status and got this:

My question is, why cryosparc is running normally but it looks like it is death inside?
Are we going to lose everything that we were running?
Thanks for your reply,

Hi @Smona,
Can you please try the instructions in this post? Please advise: database: ERROR (spawn error)

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Thanks! I will give it a try

It’s solved thanks a lot!