Cryosparc Install v2 Master


I am setting up a cryosparc2 instance. The node that I am installing it on will be a plain master node. Currently, I am running into this error when I start the app using cryosparcsm

Error: Format string '%(ENV_CRYOSPARC_SUPERVISOR_SOCK_FILE)s' for 'serverurl' contains names which cannot be expanded

From cryosparcsm env, the variable has the following value:

export "CRYOSPARC_SUPERVISOR_SOCK_FILE=/tmp/cryosparc-supervisor-86ee5c6bf44e8809b7484fb10b8c05ed.sock"

Any ideas?

Hi @achintangal,

Which shell are you using on this machine?

Thanks @stephan
The cryosparc user’s shell is bash.
Should I be using a different shell?

No, bash is fine. Is it possible that a different anaconda environment is in the path of the user trying to install cryoSPARC?