cryoSPARC GUI not updating

As I start jobs or change parameters, the GUI does not update to reflect these changes. Our GUI is often slow to fully process parameter changes (the circle on the right side of parameter section may spin for 10s of seconds, if you start the job while it’s spinning, the parameter is not saved before job starts. You have to wait for it to turn green. This is the normal behavior).

Now, the circle does not even spin and just goes away immediately after a parameter change. I have to reload the web-page to see if it has saved. Even dragging inputs is not reflected until the page is reloaded. It just appears blank until I reload the page. I have never encountered this with years of use.

Hi @user123,

Sorry to hear about your trouble using cryoSPARC. Based on your description, this may be a networking or CPU/RAM load related issue. To help us debug more, please reply with the following:

  • Version of cryoSPARC you are running
  • Operating system version, number of CPU cores and RAM
  • Output of cryosparcm log command_core
  • Output of cryosparcm log database