Cryosparc database backup and new linux user


I made a backup of my database and reinstalled cryosparc in another machine with different linux user name.

I can see all my previous jobs, but when I want to run new ones I get an error related to ssh and my user.

Launching job on lane default target localhost …

License is valid.

Running job on remote worker node hostname localhost
Failed to launch! 255 Permission denied, please try again. Permission denied, please try again. >carlos@localhost: Permission denied (publickey,password).

My user name used to be carlos, but now I have to use the institutional user name and I dont know where to change this user name in the cryosparc installation.

Any ideas?

Thank you


Hi @cfernande1470,

You can change the ssh command that will be used to connect to worker nodes by running
cryosparcw connect (same way you did when you set up the worker nodes) with the --update flag.
In particular you want to set the --sshstr parameter to something like newuser@workerhostname. Please see the reference for this at: