CryoSparc 3.1.0 with Nvidia A6000 on Ubuntu18.04

I try to install CryoSparc 3.1.0 on Ubuntu18.04 with Nvidia A6000 GPU.

Since Cuda 10’s driver doesn’t support Ampere GPU, so I have to install Cuda 11.x

So far we try cuda 11.0 and 11.2 both not able to finish CryoSparc 3.1.0 installation.

The error message as follow:

Connecting the cryoSPARC worker to the master…

CRYOSPARC CONNECT --------------------------------------------

Attempting to register worker u112604 to command u112604:39002
Connecting as unix user cryosparc_user
Will register using ssh string: cryosparc_user@u112604
If this is incorrect, you should re-run this command with the flag --sshstr

Connected to master.

Current connected workers:

Autodetecting available GPUs…
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “bin/”, line 233, in
gpu_devidxs = check_gpus()
File “bin/”, line 107, in check_gpus
num_devs = print_gpu_list()
File “bin/”, line 24, in print_gpu_list
import pycuda.driver as cudrv
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pycuda’

Does any one have idea about this error? Thanks.

I just figured out. The error because export cuda path is not correct.

After export the right path, installation is fine. Thanks anyway.

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