Cross-validation error in non-uniform refinement

Hi, after updating cryoSPARC to v2.3.2, I am not able to run non-uniform refinement anymore as it gives cross validation error even though the same job with the same stack was running fine on the previous version. Any idea what could be wrong?

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Hi @dovile,

Is this a previously- created job that you’ve cleared and re-queued? Can you try updating to the latest version (v2.4) and then creating a brand new non-uniform refine job and run it?

Hi @stephan,

No, this happens with all brand new non-uniform refinement jobs in v2.3.2. I tried it with different stacks from different projects, using newly imported particles or old ones that gave good results in the older version, but in all cases I get the same cross-validation error, while homogenous refinement runs fine on the same stacks. I will try to get cryoSPARC updated to v2.4 and see if that helps. Thanks for the advice.


Unfortunately, even after updating to v2.4, I still get the same cross validation error in non-uniform refinement.

Hi @dovile, thanks for the update. We are looking into this.


The following instructions should fix this issue, which was caused by some mismatch in job definitions between updates.

Run cryosparcm icli in your command line. In the interactive python shell that comes up, type and enter cli.reload() - this may cause running jobs to fail, but should re-update all of the parameter definitions for jobs. Once you do that, you can make a fresh NU-Refinement job and run it.