Create admin without existing admin account


I have a cryosparc2 installation running v2.13.2 and there does not appear to be an admin account on the installation (or if there is, that user is gone). Is there a simple way to give an account admin privileges without going through an existing admin account?

Please let me know if I can provide any further information

Hi @lsweezy,

Hmm, that’s interesting - when you create a user through the command-line interface after installing, that user is always set to be an admin.

By default, additional users created through the command-line interface are not admins, but you can use an additional command to set their role to admin:

cryosparcm updateuser --email <address> --password <password> --admin true

Make sure to replace <address> with the user’s email address and <password> with the user’s password.

Hope that helps!

- Suhail

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That worked! Thank you!

How to do this if CS is not running at all and cryosparcm start not being able start CS ?

Hi @diffracteD,

Is there an error message you receive when attempting to start cryoSPARC?