Create account with token: no response on webgui

Hi all.
cryosparc v 2.15
User tries to activate account using registration token
under http://<host>:<port>/new-account
Web page does not respond when “Create account” button is pushed.
cryosparc2_master/run/webapp.log did not provide any hints.
Are there any known fixes for this problem, or suggestions for troubleshooting?

Hi @csu,

Can you please confirm you’re using either Chrome, Firefox or Safari? Because cryoSPARC is running locally on a machine directly instead of the public internet, some institutions have trouble with the sign up process on Chrome - we are working to resolve this issue. If you have the ability to use Safari, is known to work well.

- Suhail

Yes. Tried on chrome, firefox, edge. succeeded on safari. Thanks.