CPU core count in job log vs. instance info section


I have a workstation with 1 GPU and 6 cores. However, when i am running jobs, cryosparc seems to be detecting only 2 cores [0 ,1]. Am i reading this wrong or is there anything i can do to make sure that other cores also get utilized? Maybe using all 6 will strain the workstation but at least 4 or 5?

Launching job on lane default target 01-4417 ...
Running job on master node hostname 01-4417
[CPU: 86.1 MB]   Project P4 Job J17 Started
[CPU: 86.1 MB]   Master running v2.14.2, worker running v2.14.2
[CPU: 86.4 MB]   Running on lane default
[CPU: 86.4 MB]   Resources allocated: 
[CPU: 86.4 MB]     Worker:  01-4417
[CPU: 86.4 MB]     CPU   :  [0, 1]
[CPU: 86.4 MB]     GPU   :  [0]
[CPU: 86.4 MB]     RAM   :  [0, 1, 2]
[CPU: 86.4 MB]     SSD   :  False


Hi @aparvate,

The job log reports the number of CPU cores that are allocated to the particular job. To see if the core count cryoSPARC detects is accurate, please refer to the ‘Resource Manager’ page. Under the ‘Instance Info’ tab, you should see details about your instance, like so:

Does cryoSPARC report the correct core count here?


Yes… it does…