Corrected Mask issue in Non uniform refinement GSFSC

I am running Non uniform refinement with the default settings, 100K particles (output of heterogeneous refinement job), a volume input (~7 Angstrom output of a Heterogeneous refinement job), and no static mask input. The job runs, but then finishes after 3 iterations, and the corrected mask in the FSC plunges down vertically to 0 at around 6-7 Angstroms. The output is a low quality map, when I would expect something closer to the 3 Angstrom range. This happens regardless of what volume input I use. Any thoughts? Is this an issue with the dynamic masking? I have never needed to input a static mask for this job in the past. Im happy to provide additional information to clarify my situation if it would help! Here are the GSFSC outputs

Thank you

Welcome to the forum @czerio .

Did you confirm that this particular dataset can in fact produce a 3 Å resolution model? Has the gain reference been correctly applied during movie import?