Copy path of low level results doesn't work [bug]


In the low level results interface, there is a button labeled “copy file path of output to clipboard”. This would be useful for determining where exactly in the file system the volume or mask etc is located, but it doesn’t work - every time I click it, it comes up with an error “unable to retrieve result path”, even though I have confirmed that the output file is present (and the download button right next to the copy button works fine). Is this a general bug, or something specific to my installation/database?


Hi @olibclarke,

Are you using Chrome or Firefox? In Chrome it works normally - it might be a browser-level permissions issue (not allowing Javascript to access the clipboard), we will look into it further.


Ah I was using Safari, maybe that’s it, sorry, thanks Suhail…


Not a problem! We’re working on better integration with most browsers including Safari :slight_smile: