Converting star file to cs file


I was wondering that how to easily convert star file to cs file? My situation is very project specfic and I need to convert star file modified by our own programs to cs file and then do the local refine in cryosparc.
Can anyone give a suggestion of how to do it?


Hi @Pengxin,

You can import star files into cryoSPARC by using the Import Particles job. You will find some nice discussion on this topic in this post: How to import particles from relion

Hi stephan,

Thanks for your reply.
We have considered this way. But we are doing it in a large scale. (More than 20 star files) And they all use the same particles. If we import them separately, them it would a huge burden for ssd.

So we want to replace particle.cs file in existing jobs.

sorry for the typo: “them” should be “then”

So is there an easy way to convert star file to cs file? I noticed that cs file is the result of numpy data structures. Maybe we can modify the code in cryosparc?

Hi @Pengxin,

Take a look at this post for an example of how to edit cryoSPARC .cs files: Importing modules into Python

Also, as for your .star files, are you able to concatenate all star files together, and then import that single star file? CryoSPARC will be able to handle multiple references to the same file.

Hi Stephan,
Thanks for the suggestions! I will try concatenating star files!