Connection of node after failed standalone installation


I have been trying to install cryosparc as standalone unsuccesfully: after installing master and node, it always ends up erroring out in when connecting the node.

Is there a way to connect the node a posteriori skipping the requirement of enabling an ssh connection? They are the same machine after all…

thanks in advance,

It’s pretty easy to set up ssh connection. As you Cryosparc use do the following:

ssh-keygen -t ed25519;
cd ~/.ssh;
cat >> authorizied_keys

Then test it by ssh’ing to the system from the system.

It should just work, unless you have /etc/ssh/sshd_configured to not allow ssh keys.

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Hi @Daniel_Castano,

Did you ensure to have the same values for the master_hostname and worker_hostname parameters? Ensuring these are the same will tell the install script to use a subprocess instead of an SSH connection.