Compatibility of Cryosparc 4.0 to Cryosparc 3.3.2

Hi! Today the 4.0 version of Cryosparc is released, and there are so many exciting updates! I really want to upgrade from version 3.3.2 to 4.0, but I am not sure whether my previous projects in Cryosparc 3.3.2 can continue to run in Cryosparc 4.0.

Hi @lcgshk,

Thanks for posting. You can definitely continue processing your v3.3.2 projects in v4.0.0. If you ever need to downgrade back to v3, you can also do that by downgrading to v3.4.0. For more information, please read through our “Upgrading to v4” guide here:

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Great! Thank you very much!