Compareing 3DVA results from different jobs

I am hoping to be able to compare 3DVA components between separate 3DVA jobs that were run on the same particle set but with a different mask. It looks like the 3DVA display is not capable of comparing inputs from more than one job. Does anyone know how we might be able to compare these components either inside or outside of cryosparc? I am thinking there muse be a way to export particle coordinates across eigenvectors and compare them. I’m just ignorant to how I might go about that. Any direction would be greatly appreciated!

John Luke Findlay

Hi @johnlukefindlay,

Are you looking to compare the 3D component densities themselves, or the particle latent coordinate distributions, across the two jobs?

If you’d like to visually compare the 3D components (eigenvectors), you can connect the particles from each 3DVA job to a separate 3DVA Display job, in either the simple or intermediate mode, and then compare the resulting volume series in UCSF Chimera by opening them simultaneously.

If you want to compare the actual particle latent coordinate distributions between the two jobs, this can be done via cryosparc-tools which was released alongside CryoSPARC v4.1. This would enable you to load up the latent coordinate values into a python environment, do any plotting, clustering (using third party packages such as scikit-learn for example), etc. Note that cryosparc-tools requires CryoSPARC v4.1+.

Please let me know if I understood your question!