Command core connection issue: Hostname that isn't bound to IP address on VM

Hi, I’m trying to use a virtual machine to run a cryosparc master instance which will then submit jobs to a computing cluster (the cluster only supports 48hr time limit jobs, so we wanted the master instance to be able to persist beyond that). The problem is when I set up the master instance on the VM using its hostname and then submit a job to the cluster, the cluster can’t talk back because the hostname isn’t bound to the IP address (apparently it’s a security risk to do so?). My work around was to change the hostname to the IP address so that when is makes an srun command it will use the IP which the cluster can use to ssh in. When I do this, my master instance no longer starts, it stops after “command_core: started”, so its hanging at the “command core connection” step. I can change the hostname to things other than an IP address and they will work. My question: how do I override the command core connection to use an IP address instead of a hostname?