Coexisting Cryosparc versions

Dear all,

I recently found myself stuck after downloading the latest Cryosparc version and realizing that my glibc is not recent enough to run Cryosparc 3.42.

As I run Cryosparc on a mesoscale center, it’s not up to me to update the glibc.
So…quite stuck here I think.

Also, are old Cryosparc binaries still running with recent glibc versions ?
If not, how do one ensures reproducibility?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi @ben,

Which OS and version is your cluster running? CentOS 7 is what we use for builds (and is the oldest OS that is still supported as far as we know) so glibc versions equal or newer than what CentOS 7 uses should all work!

Yes that’s what I figured.
The machine (again, a server on a mesoscale center) runs CentOS 6.9.

I realize that’s old but those changes are not easy to make for a supercomputer.