Cluster with a mixed architecture installation

Hi all,

we are trying to install cryosparc on a cluster with mixed architecture (log in node is Intel, and processing nodes are AMD). I was wondering if it is in principle possible to have a master process running on the log in node on such a cluster, or if this is not compatible with the processing nodes. So far we were advised to request interactive sessions on processing nodes and run cryosparc as a standalone installation. Would be grateful for any advice / thoughts on this.


Welcome to the forum @vkalienkova1.

We do not expect issues mixing AMD and Intel nodes, as long as they are both of the x86_64 architecture.
Please ensure that the login node meets minimum requirements and exceeds those minimum requirements as needed

  • for additional workloads that the node may have to handle
  • in case of a “busy” CryoSPARC instance that:
    • has multiple concurrently active CryoSPARC users
    • handles multiple concurrent interactive jobs