Cluster update to 3.0 and cryosparc master failed to start

We have tried to update our cluster cryosparc v2.15.0 to cryosparc v3.0.0. But we failed since cryosparc master failed to start. Back to v2.15.0 and cryosparc v2 master works. We confirmed that port 39000 and 39006 are opened and lsof -i:3900x shows no process occupied ports.
Here’s the cryosparcm start shows:
cryosparcm start:

and here’s cryosparcm log command_rtp shows:

I have checked all the ports between 39000 and 39010 and I’m sure that these ports are not occupied. Also, I have checked firewall, port 39000 and 39006 was opened.

Hi @sunny1226,

Can you turn off cryoSPARC, (cryosparcm stop), then run the command ps -ax | grep supervisor to see if there are any lingering cryoSPARC processes? If there are, kill them, then try this process again.

Yes, we tried that. But no process displayed. Now we just back to 2.15 on our cluster and hopefully it would be fine.